Colours and Materials

What colours can I have?

We pride ourselves in being able to match almost every colour required. However there are limitations in the range of standard films and rigid materials which sometimes limit what can be achieved.

If you have a special colour to match the best thing to do is bring a sample of it to our office and we can then match if while you wait and you can see how close the match is. If this is not possible then we can use a Pantone matching reference to try and get the same result.

We may powder coat metal parts in which case there is a smaller range of RAL colours or it is possible to paint some components to any colour match depending on the material.

In some cases the only way to match unusual colours is to do a digital print using process colour inks to create the match required. This process can be used on almost any sign product but the nature of the process means that it may only have a maximum life of 5 years if used outdoors. If you are unsure about the limitations of this process then please call us to discuss you requirements.

Vinyl colour matching swatch Perspex colour matching samples Panton and RAL colour matching swatch
Standard self adhesive
vinyl range
colour range
Pantone and
RAL colour range

What materials do you use?
It depends on the application, since the company was formed in 1993 we have gained enormous amounts of knowledge about the most appropriate material for a particular job. Cost is a factor too, we may not be able to use the "Rolls Royce" material if the sign has only a small budget but we will always advise on the options available.

The most popular materials we use are:

Polypropylene light weight fluted board normally 4mm thick, not brittle, cheap and cheerful.
Foam PVC plastic:
light weight, range of thickness's from 1 to 19mm, can be brittle, lasts well outdoors for up to 10 years, reasonable price, colours have fairly short life outdoors unless gloss version used.

High gloss, brittle, lasts 10 years+, good range of colours, some special effects available like glass look, frosted, textured etc., fairly costly.
Dibond/Aluminium Composite:

Very rigid for it's thickness 1 to 6mm, excellent outdoors, range of colours including brushed and polished metal, medium cost.
Stainless Steel:

Excellent outdoors for long life letters or plaques, high cost expensive to fabricate.

Correx board for sign making Foam PVC for signage Dibond material for signs Perspex, wood and stainless steel for sign construction
Correx Foam PVC Dibond/Laminate Perspex,
Wood, Stainless