We supply printed or engraved labels in all shapes and sizes. Labels can be printed in a wide range of colours onto self adhesive waterproof vinyl. By using a digital machine we have the ability to print very small runs of labels economically. Depending on the size you can order as few as 5 or 10 labels! For larger runs we can print roll labels or screen print labels.

We also provide an in house laser engraving/marking service. Using this technology we can mark very high resolution graphics and even images onto many materials. We now also supply full colour printed aluminium plates which have photographic quality outdoor durable print.

We also print special labels for example -

Assortment of labels produced in houseAluminium/stainless steel engraved
labels (see also the Engraving page)
Traffolyte rigid plastic labels
Tamper evident "void" labels
Ultra destructible labels
Hard Hat labels
Removable labels
Sequentially numbered labels
Bar code labels
Contour cut shaped labels
Self cling labels / Parking Permits etc.
Window stickers
Asset marking labels
Promotional labels

Our digital thermal print technology gives an outdoor life of at least 3 years without protective lamination or at least 5 years with lamination. Metal printed or engraved labels will last many years, if not decades!

All purpose labels

Labels for use in any environment