LED Illumination

You might have heard of LED's but did you know that since recent technology advances they are now reliable and bright enough to illuminate many types of sign. LED sign illumination provides years of service with typical life span being 30,000+hours of use. There are no brittle glass tubes to be damaged and they run on a safe 12 volt power supply. LED's can now replace neon in almost every application.

We now supply and fit LED illumination in many new signs. The small size of the modules means that letters as small as 100mm can still have illumination fitted. LED's compact size also means that we can use them in places where previously it was impossible to get a light source.

If you are interested in having your sign illuminated then please call us to discuss the details.

Edge lit led illuminated signs Halo effect illuminated sign Halo illuminated signs
Edge lit re-chargable casino table sign with changeable panel Typical illumination of built-up letters using LED's
LED modules - colour range LED modules - colour range
LED modules showing colour range
Animated interior LED sign Animated interior LED sign
Animated interior LED signs. A full range of other designs is also available.

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