Magnetic Care title

Our 0.85mm thick magnetic sheeting is designed specially for vehicle applications. It contains no plasticisers and is coated on the reverse to prevent damage to vehicle paintwork. It is important to follow some basic rules when storing and using your magnetic signs, please read the following sections before fitting them.

Surface Preparation

Ensure that both surfaces where the magnet is to be applied and the brown face of the magnetic itself are free from moisture, grease, dirt or any foreign matter. Avoid using this product where there is non-metallic body fillers, recently repainted surfaces and new vehicles which have uncured paintwork. On vehicles it is recommended that the paint be well waxed before fitting the signs.

Magnetic Application

Allow the magnetic to reach room temperature (the temperature of the bodywork is not important). To apply position one edge of the sheet at the desired location, then slowly allow the rest of the sheet to adhere to the bodywork. To reposition the magnetic sign DO NOT attempt to pull or slide the sign in to place as this may cause stretching or scratch the paintwork. Simply remove the sign and re-apply adjusting the position to suit. It is important that the sheet is applied without wrinkles or air gaps underneath as this will reduce the adhesion and may cause it to be blown off the vehicle. Do not position the magnetic sign over plastic mouldings or sharp contours in the bodywork.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is common for moisture to collect between the magnetic sign and the vehicle bodywork. Consequently, it is important that the magnetic sign is removed at least once a week and both surfaces wiped clean and dry. Failure to do so may result in damage to the paintwork or loss of the magnetic sign at speed. To clean, use warm water with a mild detergent.


To protect the magnetic sheet when not in use the best method of storage is flat on any clean surface, a metallic surface such as a filing cabinet is ideal. Do not place objects on top of the sign as this may permanently damage the surface. If you choose to roll the sign for storage it must be no smaller than a 4" diameter with the brown side facing inwards. Do not allow the roll to become flattened or creased as this will permanently damage the material.

If you follow these guidelines your magnetic signs will provide years of trouble free low maintenance service.