Pavement Signs title

Pavement signs are a popular way to promote any high street business and we sell a huge Pavement signrange of different shapes and sizes. You can also choose to have a black board or dry wipe finish so you can write your own messages. Another option is to have a poster display board which comes with a magnetic clear PVC cover to protect the poster underneath.

One of the problems with pavement signs is that they can be blown Pavement signover in windy conditions which will inevitably damage them and not look good for your business. Generally speaking the heavier a sign the more it costs but this will result in it staying put better and lasting longer too.

One way to make a sign withstand the wind better is to pick a type which has a swinging Swing panel pavement signpanel which will reduce the load on the frame. The other way is to have one with a heavy base which is fine unless you want to move or transport the sign regularly. If you are concerned about the weight of a sign please ask and we will let you know how heavy it is.

We sell all types and also customise them if you need; for example a built in leaflet holder or a reflective face panel White is the standard frame colour although some models are available off the shelf in standard colours like red, blue, green and black. If you choose a special colour then an extended delivery time of up to 3 weeks may be needed.

How much do they cost?

It depends how many you want, what colour frame, what type and how much is to be displayed on each face. But to give you an idea please look at the various types below - prices are not based on the graphics actually shown but on a single sign with simple 1/2 colour design.

Swing sign

Basic swing sign without heavy base approx cost £91+vat

Lightweight swing sign

Basic lightweight "a" board
sign approx cost

Swing panel A board

Very popular swing sign with weighted base approx cost

Heavyweight A board

A heavyweight "a" board with a display header approx cost £177+vat Also available as a poster holder sign for £182+vat excl. posters

Basic A board

Basic "a" board sign approx cost

Folding A board

Folding basic "a" board sign approx cost

Poster holder A1

Heavy duty A1 snap frame poster holder approx cost excl. posters